Friday, May 8, 2015

Simulation and Hopeful

   TGIF. This week went by so fast for me. I ended up losing a day's worth of work because of seasonal allergies. Draining sinuses, sure can take a toll on a throat and tummy. Plus, when I get the bad allergies I run an almost 102 temp. I am happy to say I feel better. 

    A couple of days ago I came across this site that simulates your current vision as it would be without correction of eyeglasses. I thought this was pretty neat. The only thing is that it is not 100% accurate for my case. With my left eye I can't be corrected with eyeglasses because of kc, so this is how I see with them. Plus, their needs to be some ghosting (double vision). I am happy my brain figured out how to rely on the right eye when I do need to wear eyeglasses.  
  Here is how I see the world. 

   I am currently heading for eye appointments every other week and picking up a new lens on the weeks I don't have an appointment. Since Jan. 21, I am on my 9th contact lens change. The current one seems like the fit is still off. It is the same size as my right eye (which makes it hard to pop in), curve more, thinner in the center and prescription is higher (-6.50).
   Even if this does fit, I am still thinking about going to see about a Scleral lens because these lenses vault over the cornea and are filled with a saline that keeps the eye moist. The thing that is holding me back is the time and money. Going this route might mean a new car since ours haven't been acting great. Plus, the lens could cost $4,000. yes that is only for one contact lens.
   Still, there is no word of when or if the FDA is going to approve the crosslinking. As soon, as that is done I will be getting it done. I was concerned about having the epi-off (9mm of epithelium is removed) because of the pain and corneal haze. After much research on my part, it looks like it is the one with the best outcome of working. When this does happen, expect to see this blog to be quite for a couple of months while I let my eye heal and my vision return to normal, while not normal as in that sense. After it is done my vision will be worse that what it was before.
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  1. I'm so sorry you are going through all that. I don't have great vision, and have to wear helpers with my contacts, but, I'm not dealing with all you are. {{{{HUGS}}}} I hope they can find an AWESOME fit soon!