Friday, February 20, 2015

Living with KC

   This post is going to be different than my usual craft project sharing ones. Today, I am going to go on a more personal note.
   Four years ago, I went to get new glasses because my frames were broke and my prescription was 10 years old. I went to the mall to a Len's Crafter's and the lady had a hard time finding the right lens to correct my vision in my left eye. She referred me to Lansing Ophthalmology because she thought I had keratoconus (coned cornea). I never went buy the end of that summer I was seeing double images with that eye. Now, you would think I would have went then and there but I didn't because after searching online I found there was no cure for it and that the only way to help correct it was to wear contact lenses and I didn't want to do that because my eyes were so dry already and I didn't think I could if my eyes were any drier.

   As the vision became worse, I learned how to work around my handicap. I closed my left eye when I did close-up work in my crafting hobbies (I was so happy when my sewing machine self-threader working again), I stopped reading books because I couldn't see the words without the book in my face, I never got my driver's license because my night vision is so bad and I am so sensitive to bright light and watching television also required a little trick. I use to lay on my left side so I could only see the screen with my right eye.

   In December 2014, I knew once the holidays were over I needed to go get my eyes checked out. I was starting to notice I was only using my right eye when I did anything. I went so long not using my left eye I was actually, training my brain to not use it. Also, my vision in distance and decreased considerably since four years ago. I was once standing 15 feet away reading a sign and now I was 2 feet away reading the exact same thing.

On January 10th, I got my diagnosis confirmed I had keratoconus (KC). My doctor ordered me RGP lenses and said I need to wear these instead of glasses. Ten days later I got my first set and I am going to be completely honest, I hated them. My eyelids were so tender from rubbing on the lenses and I was blinking every second. Since that first week I have grown to depend on my lenses and it is hard to go back to glasses.

   Since this started, I have had one one complete eye exam, four contact lens exams and went back two other times to pick up new contacts. After, each contact exam my doctor had made adjustments to the prescription and shape of the lenses. As of Thursday's exam, my right contact lens is perfect but adjustments are being made for my left eye. That one needs a little more curve and a stronger prescription. In other words, I have at two more visits in the next two weeks.

   I will do a follow-up post next week to share how my vision is now and living with contact lenses since I am use to wearing eyeglasses for 14 years.


  1. Mandi, I had no idea your eye issues were this severe. I can't imagine the stress and anxiety of going through all this. I applaud you!!! I hope your eye issues get fixed real soon so you can have a feeling of normalcy. Thank you for sharing your story!

    1. I am lucky it has only affected one eye so far. I am hoping I am one of the lucky 3% that don't get it in both. Thanks for being a great friend and supporting me through this.