Friday, April 17, 2015

I Stand Corrected

   Last week, I said I had was getting close to the end of my long journey of finding the right rigid gas permeable contact lens for my KC eye. I thought I had the perfect lens but  a few days after I posted that it started to give me some problems, rubbing on the eye, glaring really bad and digging into my lower eyelid.

  Well, yesterday's appointment revealed a new lens had to be ordered. This time the doctor is doing a new design. He is making it thinner on the edges so it don't dig into the lids. It is also going to be bigger, which I am not happy with because I am already having a hard time putting this one in. However, if it means a better comfort and vision I will be happy to stand on my head to pop a piece of plastic in my eye.

   During, all these appointments my parents and I have did a lot of studying on KC. It is amazing how many people are affected by this the odds are like 1 in 2000. We have seen numerous studies on vitamin deficiencies with keratoconus patients, the main one is vitamin D. I am now taking 5000 IU of vitamin D. In these studies patients had seen amazing results in their shape of the coned corneas. The ended up flattening out and were stronger. Time will tell and I am all for trying anything so I don't have to wear those hard plastic contact lenses for the rest of my life.
   I will have my new lens (if you lost count this is my 8th lens) on Tuesday. So expect an update on the current lens late next week.

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