Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Seeing the Light At the End

   My eyesight journey is continues.Previous posts are here and here.  It has been three plus months since I have been dealing with finding the right contact lens fit for my kc eye. I have had seven fittings and I think right now I might have the perfect one. The magic one is more curved, bigger and stronger prescription. I just got it yesterday so I am still getting use to the feel but I am thinking this is the one but will find out for sure at next week's exam.

   The prescription is super strong in my kc eye compared to non affected eye. There is a 3.5 difference in the lens strength. I was surprised the the lens strength was changed since at my last appointment I never looked at an eye chart with that prescription. I am happy to say the change was so small that it didn't affect my balance.

   When I pick up a new lens I wear my glasses there because I swap the lens for a new one and I don't want to pop out my old lens and pop the new one back (it takes me a long time getting the lens in). Anyways, I wore my sunglasses in to the eye doctor but it was too dark so I was switched to my regular glasses but in between this was happening a person said hello to me. I couldn't see who it was until he was about 2 feet from me, I might have gave him the look of "do I know you". After I got my glasses back on I said hello back to whom it was and it was no other than  my optometrist, who I have seem almost every week since the start of the year. I am pretty sure I know him. LOL. I am perfect example of the the term that implies "Blind as a bat".
   Even with the new lens my vision isn't 20/20 but I am alright with this since I have perfect vision in my other eye. I will be able to see if the new prescription has improved my distance next week. Last lenses my vision was 20/70 which is two away to be considered legally blind.

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  1. that is good news.. you are working it out. Crazy how long it is taking but you are getting there so yay