Wednesday, February 25, 2015

KC Images

  To give you a better understanding of keratoconus, searched the web for kc vision simulators. Because I only have it in only my left eye this is only half of the image my brain was receiving. Luckily. 

   The first one is an eye chart. My sight in that eye was actually a little worse than the 3D column. I couldn't see that chart at all at the eye doctor. Yes, I ended up freaking out a little bit when this first happen. But since the contacts it is better. I currently have 20/70 vision. With my new ones that I am picking up today I will have perfect 20/20 with both eyes. I will have a very slight ghosting image still but nothing that would be any bothersome. Also, with the contacts I will be able to leave more blog comments on blogs that have word verification. Yeah. I follow so many blogs but rarely leave comments do to the hard time seeing the codes.  

In this image my vision was in between the second and third image. 

   This is why I gave up reading. It was getting tiresome reading a book with just my good eye and the book up to my face. 
    I am not doing this to get any sympathy but to share my journey and give awareness to this eye disease that is hard to explain. 

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