Thursday, March 5, 2015

Happy Update

   Today, I had another eye appointment. If you lost count this would have been #6 since the year began. The doctor is happy on the fit of the contacts and the prescription is at the best he could get it. I have perfect vision in my right eye and about 20/50 in my left eye. That is still better than it was two months ago where I couldn't even see it at the 20/200 spot.

   The doctor told me my next appointment will be in a year. I must have looked a little shocked because he said it twice, I was expecting something like see you next month. The keratoconus is at the same stage but if I notice in any change in my vision or contact fitting I have to go back sooner.

In other words I had the biggest grin on my face when I walked out of that appointment. My mom asked me what happen and I told her I don't have to be back here until next year. When I was checking out the receptionist asked me if I wanted to make that appointment. I might be organized but I am not that organized. I am one who want to stay on top of assignments but I am also one who doesn't even know what I am doing two days from now.

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