Saturday, April 25, 2015

Home Decor Featuring Tattered Angels - CCB

  Hello and welcome to another home decor project i have created as a part of the Canvas Corp. Brands creative crew. This time I am revamping some fall color candles into a beachy theme. 

Supplies from Canvas Corp. Brands:
Flameless candle
Liquid glue

   Step 1: Wrap candle with the paper tape.
    Step 2: Paint the paper tape with stain glass. I did two coats. This gave it a nice ocean blue color.
    Step 3: Mist the rope with the brown mist.
    Step 4: Using your favorite liquid glue attach the rope to the paper tape.
   Tip: Using the paper tape and adding any alterations on top of it allows you to remove the wrap without any damage to the candle. This is a cheap and simple way to dress up a out of season candle and  make use of it at any given time.
   Be sure to stop by the Canvas Corp Brands blog to see what the other members of the creative crew has made.

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