Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Gelatos Review

Today, I am going to review Gelatoes. No, it is not the Italian ice cream. It is Faber-Castell gelatos that are used in mixed media projects.
A couple of weeks ago I won this kit off of Northridge Publishing's blog.
I ended up try a few techniques with them.
The first tag I did the dry technique. Spe easy to do. Color directly onto  the tag and blend with fingers. On both tags I stamped on them with the gelatos. I colored directly on the stamps, misted with water and stamped. It give it a nice water color look to your images. . 
On the right I did the dr technique with multiple colors. They blend nicely together. I then colored the outside with an orange gelato and blended it out with a pet paintbrush. The last tag I did the wet technique to creat this ombre tag. I also made a mist with the gelato. Just take a chunk of it on dissolve it in some water and pour it into a little mister. Works great. 
 I am on Love with these and am sure happy I have ten colors to play with but now I want the rest of them. My favorite thing in that I could make mist from them.
I hope you enjoyed this review. 

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