Wednesday, April 8, 2015

A Project for the Kiddies - CCB

   This project I am about to share with you today is kid friendly. The challenge for the Canvas Corp Brands creative crew was to create a kid project that they would want to make and we would want to display it.  I thought about this long and decided a cute embroidery hoop wood be a great thing for a kid to work with. 
   I am going to share everything you will need and the steps on how your little ones can create this. 

Supplies from Canvas corp Brands:
Other items you will need: 
embroidery hoop
adhesive cork (Contact)
stencil (The Crafter's Workshop)
Click on the image below to view images bigger.

Step 1: Mist gravel mist onto a cotton ball and rub it on top outer hoop.
Step 2: Using the inner hoop trace the outer edge onto the cork. Cut out with scissors. 
Step 3:  Put the felt in hoop and tighten. 
Step 4: Adhere the cork circle.
Step 5: Lay mask on top of hoop and mist with three remaining colors. I  started with the lighter shade in the center and work my way out using the darker tones. Remove mask. I picked these colors to use because I thought it blended in with the cork so it kind of give an optical illusion that the design isn't there unless you look at it a certain angle. I thought a kid would love that magical feature.  Step 6: Gather the fabric in the center.
Step 7: Wrap the center with just about four times tie a knot and leave the tails long.
Step 8: Attach bow and tag to hoop.
I am sure any kid would love to make this because it allows them to get messy. 

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  1. That a brilliant kid friendly project Mandi. Genius.