Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Finally Did It

   Back in October I went to Hobby Lobby and bought  some solid black fabric and an Aztec print fabric that I was head over heels in love with. I already had a tunic pattern at home.
The reason it took so long to create it was I first had to do Buster's Captain America costume for Halloween, go to Ohio for an eye exam, start on birthday stuff for my dad's birthday, Thanksgiving,etc. However, the main reason was I was waiting for a contact lens that would allow me see the pattern cutting lines clear enough without seeing multiple images.
Fast forward to last weekend. I finally had the lens (that I thought would work). I cut the pattern out Friday and made the tunic Saturday night. I am happy to say it came out great and I ran into no problems doing it (no seam ripper came out). So if you are a beginner sewer I would highly recommend this.
This is the pattern I used.

   This is how my tunic came out. 

I know what I will be wearing this holiday season.

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  1. That is beautiful!! Makes me want to make one!! :)