Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Angry at Myself

   I haven't did any kind of eye update since my three month post-op exam I had in Ohio last month, so expect this post to be long.

   It started with an early wake-up call (4;30) so my dad and I could drive the 3 1/2 hours trip down to the small town of Brecksville, Ohio. Once we were at the office I got to fill out a comfort of life survey and rate each eye to the questions with a 1-5. I find them amusing since they ask questions like, do you avoid being social because of your eye health, etc.  The reason for the questions is that this is all part of a study where they are collecting data to see how well life before and after after surgery is. All my tests results came back with nothing alarming and was given a new prescription for eyeglasses since the ones I were wearing did noting to help the vision in the bad eye. With the new lens I would be corrected to 20/25 and before it was like 20/40, big improvement.

  I can back home happy since I was given the all clear about getting new glasses and able to try the contact fitting process over. I was lucky to find a Groupon with a coupon to get my new glasses for $38 + whatever the $200 value didn't cover so my glasses cost under $50.  I can't complain about that price. I was so happy I got such a great deal and that these would allow me to see even better than I have been able to in  years. When I got the glasses I felt kind of ill from the changes, headache and lightheaded, I thought it was just because I needed to adjust to them but after 5 days of wearing them the feeling didn't improve and everything looked slanted. I could the doctor in Ohio and he said my vision changed and I needed a new prescription (the vision changed within 2 weeks of it being written out). He asked if I was going to be in the area anything soon so he  change it and I said no (as if I would do that long 7 round trip for a new prescription). He said to go to my guy in town to get the adjustment.
   I went to my guy two weeks ago and that is when my problem started. I got another eyeglass prescription and fitted with a new contact lens but came home finding out that I have keratoconus in my right eye too. I was shocked since neither Ohio or my local doctors said anything to me, I am guessing my local one thought I already knew since he was looking at Ohio's test results but the doctor in Ohio says just keep and eye on the right eye so I could have the surgery done on it early enough before vision lost. Besides, this new diagnosis shocker I got a sticker shock. Instead of paying the normal $85 for the one contact lens I know pay $145 for the special lens that fits better for keratoconus. I already had the special lens before but my doctor never charged me when he changed the style. Since it has been over the three months swapping period I had to pay again for the new lens. I was so happy to try the lens that I went down the the doctor's when I got the phone it was in. I decided to try it out after dinner because I knew I would have to break in the lens again. This is where it went wrong. I put the lens in waited until it settled in my eye and went to wash the solution off my hand so I could pop in my old lens in my other eye, while I was doing this without knowing it happened until it was far too late I blinked and that lens popped out of the eye. I am guessing it went down the drain since I haven't found it and it has been 6 days already. So I just watched $145 go drown the drain, so not cool.

   Since the glasses were new I  still had the one lens free of charge so I got them changed right away. I have been wearing the new glasses for a week now and I am still getting use to them. I am fighting the idea that my vision changed again since I am still getting a tad dizzy in them. I am hoping it will pass soon if not I am going back to my old glasses and saying seeing with both eyes in eyeglasses is overrated or at least for the next four months until I go back to Ohio for my last required eye exam.

  I called my doctor's office the next day to ordered a new one and I had to tell the lady what happened and I felt like such an idiot because I only had the thing in my eye for about 90 seconds. So this week I have to get the lens again and this time I will be putting it on at the eye doctor so I wouldn't take the chance of loosing it down the sink so soon. Plus, I have another eye appointment so the doctor can look at it right away to see what adjustments need to be made.  I just wish the appointment was earlier in the day since 4:30 is when I am home cooking and now it is up to my mom to do the cooking. it is not that she is a bad cook but I have been doing it for so long that she says she forgot how to.

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