Saturday, February 25, 2012

DIY Hand Sewn Template

If you are like me and you don't have any of the templates that are for hand sewing design elements like swirls, I have an easy fix.
All you need is:
a tracing wheel
flourish stamp (not too intricate)
cardstock scrap
 Step 1. Stamp image onto the cardstock.
Step 2. Trace with tracing wheel. Use enough pressure so little bumps are left on the back of the paper.
 Step 3 On the reveres side of paper rub the ink pad lightly across bumps.
Step 4 Poke holes with the pin where you see the dots.
 Now you have a DIY template for hand sewing.
How to use:
1. Place the template over the desired area of your scrapbook page or card .
2. Use a pin to pierce a hole in your scrapbook page for each hole provided in the stitching template.
3. Remove the template, and use the holes as your guide to create a stitched design.


  1. Brilliant!!! I need to go get one of those now.

  2. Great idea, I love tips like this! I'm a new follower and I'd be honored if you followed me as well! Love Penny

  3. brilliant! I have also traced chipboard pieces to make templates!