Thursday, December 31, 2015

Flew By

   That is what this year did for me. It seems like last month that we just celebrated the new year. This year has been full of mix emotions it started out rough and it is going out a lot better than it started. In between that time a lot has happened and they were a few tears shed. I dealt with me eye health all year, traveled 1,400 miles total for eye surgery and exam and who knows how many just to my in town eye doctor. Buster had a surgery for a abscess, he also had a seizure and another infection. We also started the kitchen remodel

   Since it is the end of the year I like to do a 12 month highlight of my favorite blog post projects I did.   

   Here is to 2016. My this year be filled with great things and start to something amazing. May we experience good health, grow closer to one another and be content in our own skin.

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  1. What a lovely creative year you had! Happy scrappy 2016 to you!!