Tuesday, January 5, 2016


   Unlike last year, I am setting myself some goals I would like to work on. These goals are not hard but they are empowering. They will help me find more freedom in being me. I say that because this past year I have been having a hard time be content at where I am at and was always looking at the "what if's". So I am starting this year on the right foot and hopefully reach these five goals I hope I will be able to reach. 
  1. I am going to try to worry less.
  2. Was going to get my drivers license at the start of the year but I am putting that off until my vision is completely stable and have a contact lens.
  3. Do more of the things I enjoy that don't happen that often, tennis, sewing,etc.
  4. Learn manual mode on my camera.
  5. Be content at where I am at.
As you can tell three of the goals are more of self improving. The driving goal is something I am hoping I will reach this year but it all depends if I am feeling comfortable at where my eyesight is.

   I am also going to pick one word that I want to focus on this year. It is going to be the word "Grow".
I think this word is a perfect word for everyone, It reminds us that we should broaden our view and knowledge. We should only stop learning when we are gone. We should better our lives before we can improve things around us.
So why don't you "Grow" with me this year.

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