Wednesday, September 21, 2016


   The holidays are fast approaching so I am preparing my Etsy shop with lots of handmade items. I have been listing Christmas cards and ornaments this month. I also have already have some cute dog toys listed because we all need to give a special toy out fur babies.

   With all the shop work on listings I am constantly working on marketing. I have been trying to incorporate my blog, shop and instagram account to give me a more cohesive look so when you see the name "MJs Kraze" it will be able to stick into ones mind of handmade items and a designer.

   So what do you think of the new blog look. I am loving the more clean and simple design on my sites it allows the items to pop.  On thing about the blog, I am still trying to find the happy medium of posting shop updates. I am sure no reader wants to just see items for sale.

   Speaking of items for sale I am working on a For Sale section on my blog to sell some stash items of supplies.  I had one up before but it was outdated so i am revamping it. Be on the lookout for this later this week.

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  1. I love the new clean layout Mandi. Everything is really nice.