Friday, May 20, 2016

Top in 10 Minutes

   Sorry for the little break in the fashion series I am doing. Last week, i just forgot about writing it since I was working on an order and this week I have been sick but I am feeling better today so I felt like getting my blog some attention. 

   Today I am going to share how to take a simple knit fabric and turn it into a cute top that takes just a few minutes. 
   1. Take a 1 1/2 yd. of fabric and fold and half. Here is a diagram how it should look laid out. The top cut-out is the neck hole so you can make this as wide as you like if you want to wear it off the shoulder or not. In the bottom corner just round it off. 
   2. Measure your waist and divide in half and add 3 or more inches depend on who loose you want the top to be. If you want the opening of your shirt to be 30" but you have to cut that in half since you only need a flat measurement.  15" mark the stitching point at 7 1/2" from the center since 7 1/2" times two is 15" 

   That is i. In no time you have a cute top with flare sleeves. 

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