Thursday, May 5, 2016

Suede Tassels

   I can't seen to head to a store or look at the TV without seeing the suede and tassel trends. Since this is such a trendy thing and it doesn't look like it will leaving anytime soon I thought I could do a simple and super affordable way to incorporate it in my fashion. 

   I ended up making a suede tassel to jazz up a 100" stainless steel necklace I have had for years. 
   All you need:
 5" of suede fringe trim that you buy in the sewing department,
11" of 18 gauge wire (I used aluminum)
jump rings
needle-nose pliers

 Step 1. Roll the trim into a tight roll like this and glue the end in place. I also added glue to the top of the coil to give it extra insurance that it wouldn't come undone.

 Step 2. Close to the end wrap the wire around the pliers two to three times this created the bail for the tassel

 Step 3. Wedge the tassel in between the bail and with the long end of the wire wrap the it around the top tightly. Make sure to cover up the short wire, this will keep the tassel secure.

Step 4. Add your jump ring or rings. I added one for the necklace and two for the purse charm.

Here is what it looks like on my purse.

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