Sunday, April 17, 2016

Going Slow

   That is what time has been doing ever since I got home 2 weeks ago from my second cxl eye surgery. The day after my birthday, my birthday was busy preparing for the trip and had to go to bed super early, my dad and I headed down to Ohio to have my other eye done since I was starting to notice the vision started to become double more. I really wanted to have the surgery done to keep the vision from becoming like the other eye.

   Friday, consisted of a 230 mile trip which meant getting up at 5:20 to get to the 11 a.m appointment. The drive down there was perfect. We timed the trip just right because by the time we got to their office my appointment was in 15 minutes. After a few tests, I got my eye dilated which was glad I only needed it done to one because it is very hard to fill out forms with both of them done :).

   Saturday, was surgery day and it was an early one, I had to be there at 7:45. This time I opted out for the sedative since I hated feeling so lightheaded last time. I also didn't take a pain med before but wished I did since the pain set in by the time I got back to the hotel room. After getting the surface of the eye buffed by a laser, I was sent into another room for 30 minutes of riboflavin eye drops every 45 seconds. Next was getting my eye looked at to see if the eye was soaked with the drops, I could have told them it was since my vision had a nice yellow tint. At this moment I had three doctors looked at, my optometrist, my surgeon and a visiting doctor.From that moment, I got referred to as Wiley's special crosslinking patient, I am guessing because I opted for no meds or the fact I am know what I need to do before they tell me.. Next, it was time to stare at the UVA light for 30 minutes, it is a little blue light that turns on for about 15 seconds and off for about the same length. After the first 10 minutes I couldn't wait for the timer to go off since I was starting a hard time seeing it.
   When it was all done the surgeon came in put drops in the eye and placed the bandage in place. Him and the  nurse said that they needed more patients like me since I made the whole thing easy since I sat perfectly still for the whole hour. After, it was all done the nurse and surgeon took my to another room to get my photo taken. I now realized why the nurse asked if I wanted my dad to come and sit with me. I sure don't look like I am 27 here. This was taken right when the pain started. I was smiling right before the photo was taken but started to fade since the nurse didn't know if she could get a pic since the camera was dying so I was caught a little off guard.
    Back at the hotel, I took the pain med but it didn't touch it so I tried to sleep for the 4-6 hours I was told to do before starting the eye drops every two hours. After I had two pain meds in me I watered to feel better, however, I still couldn't get the eye open and it was watering non-stop. The next day was not better. When it came time to get the bandage removed the doctor said this won't hurt. He was WRONG. It hurt so much that I tightened up my jaw. Thank God, for the numbing drops by the time I left I felt no pain, I just wished they lasted longer. On the way home, I had to keep popping pretzels in my mouth so my mouth had something to clamp on since the comfort drops only lasted for 10 minutes and the pain med didn't keep in until I had two in my system since I skipped taking them at night and morning. By Tuesday, I had no more pain. This was the second most painful thing in my life.

Now, my vision is changing daily so most of the time I am not wearing glasses since they are too strong. This makes it kind of hard to decided on what to do since I need correction and I believe the other eye is stable to get a new rx for glasses and contacts. I am honesty thinking of going correction free for the next three months and just living with the ghosting. I wonder how long I will stick to that since my eyes seem to get tired pretty fast.


  1. Ohmygosh Mandi that is sooo much!! You are so brave and strong! One day you will look back on this and it will be just a memory and just another bump in the road of life. Hugs to you!

    1. No I am not brave, more like chicken since contact lenses are not comfortable and hurt.