Sunday, August 23, 2015


  Since mid- July my personal life updates here have been non-existent, so right now I want to give you a little recap on what has happened since I left for Ohio. Warning it is a long post.
   On July 10, my dad and I left for Ohio for my CXL study eye surgery. My family and I decided to go with the epi-on version since there is no chance of infection or vision loss. It took four hours to get to Brecksville, Ohio. The drive was nice but, man I got hungry for corn on the cob, I lost count of how many corn fields we past. :) We arrived an hour early but they saw me right away. The people at Clear Choice Custom Lasik we very kind and helpful. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for eye surgery. The whole pre-op exam took an hour. The surgeon and optometrist decided it was best if I also have conductive keratoplasty done too. I was shocked on this since I never heard of it but they said it would help with the contact lens comfort. Everyone knows I still haven't had a good lens for that eye so I am hoping it works, which I will find out late October after I have my 3 month exam in Ohio. The surgery was scheduled the next morning, It took about two hours and I was nervous while I was waiting in the lobby but soon relaxed after I listened to some music. However, I still had to take a sedative and painkiller before they started. By the time it was all over I was light headed from the drugs. Once I got my rx drops at the pharmacy, I ended up falling asleep in the truck while my dad got lunch. After lunch I ended up taking a two hour nap but that was it since I was not tired but I was under orders to keep that eye closed and sleep. By dinner time, I wanted to leave the hotel room so I decided to go to eat inside Panera's. During the whole day I had no pain so I didn't need the rx for painkillers.
  They sent me home with a flower and my dad a gift card for Starbucks.

   Five days later, I had another exam but this time at my eye doctor in town. He said, I have gained a little vision in the eye and was all healed up. Happy Dance. I was not expecting this and especially this soon.

  Since then my vision seems to be stable. I have gained some distance vision but I still have double. I am hoping that my eye shape has changed enough so I will be able to  just get my corrected vision through eyeglasses.

After we got back home it has seems like dominos have fallen because the things that have happened has been non-stop.
1. A storage unit became vacant. Left messy. Cleaned it up, added electrical, paint it and patched the floors.
2. Car needed to go into the shop, "fixed" it by charging $1200 to replace a part and still had the same problem afterwards. Now, they come back with another $1800 quote to fix these other two things we said no. They ended up taking our car out of All Wheel Drive, we will see how that works come the winter.
3. On August 22, Buster became ill. Had to take him into the 24 hour clinic. Was not sure if he would make it. He ended up having an abscess but they wanted to know if they should had if biopsy to rule out cancer. We had to think about it. We had to leave him there overnight. When we took him to our vet to get the drain tube removed he said it looked like a cyst that just got infected. Plus, he said Buster is healthy and we have nothing to worry about.
4. The last thing is the rain we have been getting. We had hit the daily record for a day a couple a weeks ago. Almost 4" within a couple of hours. I wish I could send our rain out west to the ones in need of it.
During all this I decided to start up my etsy shop again, so far I have 10 items listed and more on the way. 

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