Friday, January 23, 2015

Winter Hiatus

   Since the beginning of the New Year I have been on a blogging vacation. Even though, I haven't shared anything and it don't mean I have not been productive. I have created 3 cards, 1 altered item and 10+ layouts. I will be sharing everything within the next week.
   The reason why I took a break was due to eye health reasons. I have had my eyes checked at the start of the year and it was confirmed I did have keratoconus (coned cornea). I am currently trying out rigid contact lenses to correct the double vision (which helps 99%) but I hate them. My eyelids are so tender from wearing them that I am dreading the time of the day I need to put them in. Next week, I have a follow up appointment to see how they are working for me but at this point I am really want to ditch them and live with the double. I am also looking for alternatives and am considering a new treatment and getting these rings in my eye so I don't have to wear contacts. 

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