Friday, October 26, 2012

Mad Dog M.D.

Saturday I took Buster to a Halloween party at Petsmart. In about 10+ dogs that entered he came in third place, which he ended up getting a certificate and a $5 gift card.
Here is some photos.

As you can see he is a doctor, but he is a special kind. He is a Cat Specialist and he works at Banged-up Kitty Hospital.
Thanks to my dad for his brain storming for the idea for the costume and the names. All I had to do was modify a sewing pattern I had for dog pajamas, sew,, made the head-wear, etc. I can't believe I mad this in two days and finished the day before the party.
I am going to another party soon but this one is a little different, I am going to be dressed up also. What do you think I should be a nurse or a cat that is bandage up? 


  1. Love Buster's costume and how exciting that he won a prize!!
    I think it would be perfect if you dressed up as the cat!

  2. Mandi, you have won the City Sidewalks kit on the Pink Paislee blog! Please send us your mailing address: Thank you!