Monday, September 19, 2016

It is Alive

   As of last week my big project is finally done. I decided to make a life size Frankenstein out of terracotta pots. I had 6 large pots hanging around the garage from the container garden fail from three years ago. When I started to work on this I had to buy another pot since one of them broke. 

   This thing is over 5' which means it is taller than me. As soon as October 1st. comes this will be  standing on the front porch. 
Supplies: terracotta pots, ribbon, adhesive, glitter and fabric. 

   Here is some closer shots. 

   I am most proud of how his face came out. I did it 100% by myself.

   His bolts were glittered.

   I am not too crazy over how the hands came out but figured it gave him the look of being put together in pieces.
   So what do you think is he scary or not. I say no my mom says yes because of his size. 

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