Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Better Late Than Never

   I have a tendency to buy cute sewing patterns when there is a great sale like the $0.99 sale Hobby Lobby and let them go untouched for months or years. This pattern is one I bought last year. I had planned on making before summer but between my eye healing, finding time and looking for the right fabric it never came together.  Even though it is getting cool I still made this since I found the right fabric and had the time, aka the sewing bug hit. 

   Here is how the dress came out. I have to say it took a lot longer than I  planned. Three days worth of work and becoming friends with the seam ripper I am happy to say I love how it came out.. I had the feeling the whole time that it was going to be way too big since it was starting to look like a tent. I ended up trimming the length so it hit at the knee, which made it not so big at the bottom. I just love the vintage look of this. 

   The top fabric has a silver metallic star print.

    To make it wearable during the cooler weather I paired it up with the long cardigan. Plus the combination of this with leggings and tall boots is super cute.  It looks better on me instead of the hanger.


  1. It's a very cute dress. I hear you about that seam ripper. It is why I only sew on the rarest of occasions! LOL. I love how you paired it with the cardigan. Congrats on getting it done!

  2. Looks wonderful , I am so glad you shared and thanks for showing which pattern you used