Thursday, April 28, 2016

Altered Jean Skirt

  Welcome to week two of the month long Thursday fashion series. This week I am going to be sharing on how to bring new life into a well loved jean skirt.

   Here is the skirt I used. It was an old skirt that I have had for years, as you can see  the bottom of it looks faded. For this alteration I just needed some lace fabric and a solid scrap fabric. 
   1. I cut 6 inches off the bottom since I wanted to get rid of the slit in the back.
   2. I serged the edge to stop it from fraying. Next, I fold under edge a half inch and ironed it. That pressed edge is the new bottom hem.
   3. Measure the opening of the bottom, mine was 42" so I cut two pieces of lace fabric 43" x 20" land one piece of solid fabric 43" x 6". I them sewed all the fabric into long tubes, pinned them to the inside of the skirt and stitched them in place.

   4. I am in love with the high low skirts so I ended up laying the skirt out flat with the front matching the front and back matching the back. I then cut the bottom in a curve with the back being long and shorter in the front.
   Since I cut so much of the jean fabric off the skirt I added this fabric to the inside of the skirt for modesty.

   Looking at this photo I can see I still need to do some more cutting on the lace since it is not high enough in the front. 

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