Thursday, April 21, 2016

Altered Jean Jacket

   When it comes to the change of seasons I always look through my closet to see if there is anything I want to donate, need to fix or alter. I came across of this jean jacket that I had iron-on a decal years ago but fell off. You can still see part of the design and I also noticed a hole was also appearing. I was just about to get rid of it but then thought of a way to save it. 
  1. cut out the back but leave about an 1" border around the original seams.
   2.  Fold excess fabric to inside of jacket and iron.
3. Pin lace to the inside of jacket and stitch.

   Here is the final product. It is a nice way to freshen up a old jacket. Plus, it is a cheap way to add a "new" trendy item to your wardrobe.
   I love the blush color of this lace fabric I got from Hobby Lobby. For this alteration it cost me under $5.

   If you like this post be sure to come back next Thursday because this part of a Fashion series I will be sharing here every Thursday for the next month or so. 

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