Thursday, November 10, 2016

World KC Day

   Today was the first time keratoconus has own day to give more awareness to this rare eye disease that no cure has been found or what even causes it. Having this has taught me how to never take small things for granted. I am amazed at all the beauty every day holds and that sight is very precious.
I am happy that collagen crosslinking is FDA approve now and I hope the kind I had done (epi-on) will be in the future.  

   I know my case is not as bad as others but it is still trying on days when I take out my contact lenses out too early but I am grateful what this journey has taught me. This thing has made me more of my own advocate personally and professionally, which I don't ever want to use as an excuse to hide behind.

   Since getting my new soft contact lenses I have been testing them out. I love looking from my bedroom window at the woods watching birds and planes going by. Now, when I look at the moon I don't see five images but two which I am still very grateful for. Last week, I had tears come to my eyes when I looked at Christmas lights. They looked like the shape of their bulb instead of the typical bohek effect that I have grown use to.
   I am not letting this rare eye disease live my life for me. KC I have kicked you to the back seat, enjoy the ride and watch what this girl is going to achieve. 

Here is a pic from 7.11.15 during the first cxl surgery. 

   This is me after the second cxl surgery on 4.02.16. 

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