Tuesday, June 7, 2016

My May Cards

   This past month I have been super busy juggling my usual housework, including the yard, design team work, holidays and my MJ's Kraze etsy shop. Even though that sounds like a lot it is even more mind blowing when I say I made over 50 just in May. That is right I did over half of my usual card making amount in just one month. 
   Here are some of the cards I made. These were 30 cards I did for a custom order for Clear Choice Custom Lasik Center in Brecsksville, Ohio, that was were I did my two eye surgeries for keratoconus. I am pleased on how these came out and was able to complete them in 3 days. Not bad since it was my first time doing computer printed sentiments and back logos. 

   If you like my work but don't see anything in my shop that fits your needs I can always do custom work.

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