Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Identinty Crisis

   While you might say I am having an identity crisis if you head over to my Etsy store "MJ's Kraze". I have over 50 listings but I am sure you won't expect to see dog apparel and toys in the same shop as paper crafts except at my crazy shop. I think the "Kraze" in my branding is a perfect description of my shop and my creative brain since I am always doing something different each day. Plus,I didn't want to run multiple online shops.I did that a few years ago and one of them always got neglected.

So far my shop has been steadily growing and I am at the most listings I ever had. My most recent category added were the planner clips.
   This post my confirm your suspicions of my craziness but being normal is very boring. I am totally embracing the wandering brain that finds me creating totally out of my comfort zone crafts.
P.S. I might be going on a metal stamping jewelry binge soon. I just ordered some supplies.  

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