Saturday, February 6, 2016

Update on Life

   I know it has been a few weeks since I have did a personal update about everything.

   Last Monday, I went to the eye doctor for another contact lens exam. I am happy to say I am finally of an owner of a lens that fits, it only took 18 tries and countless trips to the optometrist :).
No more eye doctor visits until Nov., while there is the one that is next month but I am not counting that one since it is out of state.

   Yesterday, I took Buster back to the vet since he has been limping for the last week. My dad said it was because he he had another infection and I say it is because of arthritis. It looks like we both were right, he is now on an antibiotic and inflammation med. The vet did a blood test and x-ray and everything came back fine which stated he had no cancer.  He seems to be walking a little better today.
   This weekend, my family and I are celebrating the 8th anniversary of completing the home theater in out basement. We always watch a movie together on this day. We are going with the Minions.

   Lastly, I have been adding shop items to the Etsy store and creating layouts for upcoming challenges over at Scrapbook Challenges. That reminds me I have you seen this month's challenges. Certain days if the week we are focusing on a Sketch Crew member, Wednesday just happened to be me. 

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