Saturday, December 27, 2014

Dec. Daily

This year, I decided to do another album to document the days leading up to Christmas. Even though I never completed last year I still wanted to do it. This year was very low so it was easy to keep up-to-date. I didn't have any design team projects, home decor projects, or really any handmade gifts to make (just a sweater I knitted for Buster, two dog toys, a scarf and cocoa mixes). Plus, feeling not like Christmas here made for the less work I would have like doing. 

   Anyway, I thought it would be nice to share a little peek at my Dec. Daily album. I took a Sn@p album from Simple Stories and decorated it. 
I ended up using products from a lot of different holiday collections that I only had scraps of. Now,I am almost out of all holiday embellishments and I did use up a lot of paper scraps.
 I also add a CD case to my Dec. Daily albums so it can hold a disc that I burn with all of the dec. photos and videos.
 The spread is of the first 2 days of Dec. Our tree top broke on day one.
 This is days three and four. I started Buster's sweater on day three and wrapped gifts on day four
 Day nine I made my favorite Christmas cookie, Gingerbread. Those went by so fast this year tha I had to make two batches.
 The 21st I rewrapped a gift (long story on that), and decorated the table.
I am happy to say this year album's will be done shortly. I just have to finish the 24th and 25 pages. I already have the photos edited.
I am linking this up to S.W.A.T. extra winter fun challenge