Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Gift of a Gift Card Holder

 I can't believe it is that time of the year all ready and to help you with the gift wrapping all month long the twine-istas are going to share with you fun and creative ways to jazz up packages.
Both of my holders are made out of felt, decorated with twine and odds & ends. 
The first one I and going to share with you is a little time consuming since I did the blanket stitch by hand. I created a little bag with felt and decorated until my heart was content.
 I covered the entire back of the doily with adhesive before I stuck it on. Then I add some glitter  and brush of the excess that didn't stick in the doily holes. For the closure I used brads and wrapped twine around them.
 I stung some twine through the blanket stitch to create the handle.

For a faster and just as cute holder I wrapped felt around the card and tied it with cherry red twine. I add a couple bells as an added cute factor.
Hope this help you with those pesky gift cards that we all don't want to give in a plain envelope.
Items I used NaturalCherry Red, Olive Green twines and a doily.
Image of Natural Baker's Twine by Timeless TwineImage of Cherry Red TIMELESS TWINE™Image of Olive Green Timeless Twine™4" Paper Lace Doilies - Set of 100 - "FREE SHIPPING"
Today is a perfect time to stock up for the holiday. The sale ends tonight at  11:59 EST. 

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  1. Such a beautiful way to package those gift cards! With my lack of sewing skills, I'm more likely to do the wrapping, but the purse is adorable!