Friday, July 5, 2013


Hope everyone's 4th went well. Yesterday, I spent a lot of the time in the kitchen cooking up a storm for my four member family.
The food consists of:
Baked chicken with homemade barbecue sauce
Mac & cheese
Baked beans
Garlic biscuits
Now on to the sweet treats:
Brownies (coconut and plain)
Greek yogurt cheesecake
Everything I made was from scratch.
My favorite thing was the cheesecake since it came out so creamy and had such a great flavor. I think it tastes better than the traditional cheesecake and the bonus is it does not have all that fat.  I know fat is good for you but in this house if my dad likes it he goes a little overboard. Plus, regular cheesecake causes his back to go out. 
I combined two recipes make this. The crust came from this one and the filling came from this one. I also added the zest of one organic lemon to the filling.
Tip: make your own greek yogurt with plain yogurt by lining the bottom of a strainer with a coffee filter. Pour a carton of yogurt in it and cover with another filter. Place over a large bowl and let it drain overnight to a day. For this I used a caton and a half so I need to drained it in two strainers. I think it taste better than the store bought kind. It is not as tangy. 
Here is how it looks.