Monday, January 28, 2013

Dream Room

Last summer I started to redo my craft room. It so a super slow process since most of my family was ill some way or the other. Last, week after my mom kept pestering my dad I got it finished. Warning this is very photo heavy.
Here are the before pics.

All my scrappy goodies were sitting on the floor It went past the window. 
There is the wood for the shelf. It was there for a couple of months.

The table had a lot of stuff on it so it made working on anything difficult. 
The closet was super messy.

Here are the after pics.
Nothing is on the floor.
Jars and twine has a home.

Clear table.
I love the shelf my dad built for me.  I think I will keep it unpainted.

I love the chalkboard. 
I have this under the table. It stores my stickers, rub-ons and adhesive.
The closet looks cleaner. 

Thanks for stopping by for the tour. I am so happy how it came out.


  1. Cute! I have a scraproom but its not this big! Love the space you have! I think the twine in jars is my favorite part about your room.

  2. Your room looks great!!! Love that shelf!!

  3. Great room, your shelf is great and super functional, I love it.

  4. I love it Mandi. Your dad is very talented! I love the shelving unit. Enjoy creating, I know many beautiful creations will come out of this space.

  5. What a wonderful space! I love the shelf!

  6. Awesome room! Do I spy a competitors twine??? LOL!

  7. Mandi - super cute and functional room!! I love all the storage!!

  8. Very nice! I'm sure it feels so good to have everything so organized and OFF THE FLOOR!! Your dad did a wonderful job with the shelves and, I agree, leave them unpainted. I'm sure you feel even more creative now!

  9. So fun! That shelf unit is awesome!

  10. Your room looks amazing I am hoping to do some work on my area this weekend.