Monday, September 24, 2012

So Spooky

This weekend I finally printed and scraped last year's Halloween photos. Let me just say I have less than ten different Halloween items and my stash. This is why it took so long.
With limited supplies you would think this page would be fast. It ended up taking longer than my usual heavy product pages.


  1. I seem to collect Halloween papers. I have even had to cut myself off from buying anymore! I really like how your layout turned out, especially the banner!

  2. I have a love-hate relationship with Halloween pages. I am always so temped to buy Halloween paper but then I seem to never use it. I want to use Halloween colors and then my kids costumes never match halloween paper. LOL I can totally understand why it took you so long to do your page. :) I love it, for not having many Halloweend supplies you did awesome!

  3. Great layouts! I love the banner!! Out of all of the occasions, I probably have the least of Halloween! Probably because there's usually only one layout a year!! We won't even discuss my Christmas supplies...